P18 Series
LED Street Light

P18 Series LED Street Light

  • Adoption exclusive light source and ZAG Lens. Compared with similar products,the luminous efficiency can be rised 8% and light transmittance up to 98%.
  • Fan channel thermal design, reduce lamp weight, with excellent heat dissipation, reduce light decay, prolong lamp lifetime. CHEM modular design, effectively reduce maintenance costs.
  • Driven by high efficiency constant current and 60% energy-saving than traditional lamps; over –current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, high temperature protection, fully ensures the long life span and high stability.
  • Durable,long lifetime,and last up to 50000 hours; no need to replace frequently and less daily maintenance.
  • Green product,no UV or IR radiation, no mercury pollution.
  • With Excellent exterior design, the lamp is waterproof and dustproof, protecting rate: IP66.
  • Fast response,no flicker; wide operating voltage range.
  • LEDs which packaged by multi-chips is high lumen, stable performance, low light failure and no dead lights.

Color Options

Color Option


Municipal road, street, Public Park, parking lot, etc. 

Technical Characteristics

Model No.PowerEfficacyLumen OutputLED QTYCCTIP IKLed SourceDriverLifespan
LS-P1801-5050W150LM/W7500LM28pcs3000K-6500KIP68,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Moso/Custom Brand6 years
LS-P1802-100100W150LM/W15000LM56pcs3000K-6500KIP68,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Moso/Custom Brand6 years
LS-P1803-150150W150LM/W22500LM84pcs3000K-6500KIP68,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Moso/Custom Brand6 years
LS-P1804-200200W150LM/W30000LM140pcs3000K-6500KIP68,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Moso/Custom Brand6 years
LS-P1805-250250W150LM/W37500LM200pcs3000K-6500KIP68,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Moso/Custom Brand6 years
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