Dalet Series
LED Street Light

Dalet Series LED Street Light

  • Cree/ Osram/ Philips-Lumileds and Samsung led chips options, flip chip technology, single unit’s damage won’t affect others’ normal work;
  • Easy to change the driver and led modules; class I, class II driver with dimmer optional, 0-10v, PWM, Dali
  • Designed to last at least 100,000 hours at L80;
  • Multiple lighting distributions available, fit for different road and standard;
  • Standard color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K; minimum 80 CRI
  • IK09 and IP67 modules: highest waterproof level, hot-pluggable, easy for installation and replacement;
  • Multiple housing colors: black, white, grey;
  • CE,CB,ENEC Certification;
  • Photocell led road luminaires,tool-free led street lamp;
  • Adjustable angle design;
  • Power automactically switch off when opening
  • 8-year limited warranty;

Color Options

Color Option


Municipal road, street, Public Park, parking lot,urban lights,Highway roads etc. 

Technical Characteristics

Model No. Wattage Led Qty Lumen Product size IP IK Led Brand Driver Brand Option Warranty
LS-DALET-S40 40W 16pcs 5200lm 621*287*96mm







7pin base/

 8 years

LS-DALET-S60 60W 24pcs 7800lm 621*287*96mm
LS-DALET-S80 80W 24pcs 10400lm 621*287*96mm
LS-DALET-M100 100W 36pcs 13000lm 738*289*118mm
LS-DALET-M120 120W 48pcs 15600lm 738*289*118mm
LS-DALET-M150 150W 64pcs 19500lm 738*289*118mm
LS-DALET-L120 120W 48pcs 15600lm 992*362*140mm
LS-DALET-L150 150W 64pcs 19500lm 992*362*140mm
LS-DALET-L200 200W 80pcs 26000lm 992*362*140mm
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