• LEDSOLUTION is running under ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and 6S management system;

• Quality control process

– Raw material quality control

– Process quality control

– Semi-product and finished product quality identification

• Process tracking system and feedback system

– Daily quality process control

– Weekly quality control report

–  Monthly quality meeting

– Continuous improvement

•  Accurate testing and examination

– Spectrum testing

– LED brightness distribution testing

– LED electrical performance testing

– First article inspection (FAI)

– Electrical tests (1. after welding; 2. semi-product, tile and panel level. 3. finished product)

– Hi-temperature testing, Hi-low-temperature impact

– Humidity testing, Water-proof testing

– Full factory tests (Visual test, specifications, functions, safety and etc.)

urface Mounting Machine

Wave Solder

Tampo-Print Machine

Hi-Low-Temperature Impact Machine

Drive Power Aging Instrument

Plug-in Machine

Reflow Soldering Machine

Aging Machine

LED Luminous Intensity Distribution Tester

Drive Power Aging Instrument

Digital Electric Bridge

public led street light

Plus UV-VIS-near IR Spectorphoto Color Imeter

Tracer Characteristics of the Semiconductor Tube

TDS-220 Oscilloscope

Grounding Resistance Tester

Pressure Resistance Tester

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