E18 Series
LED Street Light

E18 Series LED Street Light

  • E18 series is an excellent street lighting solution for urban areas of important architectural value, a smart and versatile design of 4-in-1 installation, post-top mounting, bracket side entry mounting or suspended mounting.
  • Equipped with high-quality electrical components, long lifetime is assured. Tool-free design and power switch-off device, enables easy, safe and minimal cost for maintenance. Efficient system could reduce energy consumption and to create a more attractive urban living environment and visual comforts for public and residential areas.
  • With patented housing design and range of optics, Essence series luminaire is also a perfect choice for project oriented usage.

Color Options

Color Option


Municipal road, street, Public Park, parking lot, etc. 

Technical Characteristics

Model No.PowerEfficacyLumen OutputLED QTYCCTIP IKLed SourceDriverLifespan
LS-E18A/E18B/E18C/E18D40W130LM/W5200LM 48pcs3000K-6500KIP66,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Osram/Custom Brand8 years
LS-E18A/E18B/E18C/E18D60W130LM/W7800LM72pcs3000K-6500KIP66,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Osram/Custom Brand8 years
LS-E18A/E18B/E18C/E18D80W130LM/W10400LM96pcs3000K-6500KIP66,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Osram/Custom Brand8 years
LS-E18A/E18B/E18C/E18D100W130LM/W13000LM120pcs3000K-6500KIP66,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Osram/Custom Brand8 years
LS-E18A/E18B/E18C/E18D120W130LM/W15600LM144pcs3000K-6500KIP66,IK08Philips/CreeMeanwell/Inventroincs/Osram/Custom Brand8 years

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